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2 bom 1 assembly

Question asked by Sergio Pequerul on Dec 18, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2015 by Trevor Hall

In my company we have two diferent BOMs, one for internal use and one for the user manual. The user manual's one show part of the information shown in the internal use one.


I'd like to have the drawing in the first page with the balloons, the internal BOM in the second page and the user manual's BOM in the third page. The problem is I can only link the ballons to one BOM so ballons in the third page (user manual) are not in the same order as in internal BOM. It makes that the user manual's BOM order is incorrect and it says for example that ballon 1 is a cylinder while it should say it's a chain.


I'm using solidworks 2012 and the assembly is just the same, only the BOMs are different.


Thank you.