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Helix parameters

Question asked by Alan Thomason on Dec 17, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 24, 2014 by Alan Thomason

I would like to parameterize the creation of a Helix in SolidWorks.  I am not particular how it is done, but I would like the customer to be able to go to one spot to change parameters.  In this case it is a tightly wound torsion spring so I want the pitch to be the same (or slightly more than) the wire diameter.  This is not the only time this has come up, just the most recent.


I have not figured out a way to make the Pitch or number of revolutions based on something else.  I have tried entering an equation and using a sketch dimension.  I thought I would ask our forum...does anyone know how to link Helix/Spiral parameters to something else?


2014-12-17 14-11-28.jpg


Thanks in advance...