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dimensioning orientation and plane

Question asked by Peter De Vlieger on Dec 17, 2014

Is it me or has something gone haywire with dimensioning in SW14, even in SP5?


The reason I ask is because of the following :

as you can see, I have a line selected on the X-axis but the dimension is put on the Z-axis 


So let's go into editt route mode

   this time around I selected something according to the Y-axis but the dimension is somewhat according to Z and upside down and reversed.


Yes I can use the TAB key to change it but it really doesn't help much.


If I use tab once more I don't get to see it at all anymore.

No matter what 'plane' it previews the dimension, once I check of on it it becomes more logical and useable

Nevertheless, I can't imagine that this is wanted or expected behaviour.

I can only hope it got fixed in SW15.


Can anyone confirm to having the same thing happening in SW14 as well as confirm that it doesn't in SW15?