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Folding/Unfolding Ellipse Sheet Metal & More

Question asked by George Hawkins on Dec 16, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 16, 2014 by George Hawkins

Hello all,


I have been reading this forum for some time, and it has been extremely helpful to me.


I'm teaching myself solidworks, designing various objects to learn as much as possible.


I'm having particular problems with producing ellipse shaped bangles. I've tried extruding an ellipse, hollowing it out, and using the 'wrap' feature to cut patterns into its face. I had so many problems with the wrap feature that I decided to give sheet metal a go. Now I'm wondering if that was a bad decision.


I initially created a elliptical base flange, and I could not unfold it. Is this a bug?


I then tried to replicate the shape using circles and curves, so I could unfold it. I unfolded it, extrude cut some patterns into the flat face, and now I'm trying to fold it back into the ellipse shape that I created.


I keep getting this error message. 'This part contains features that cannot be unbent'.


I would really appreciate it if somebody could take a look at the attached file and advise me of the best course of action.


Thank you in advance!!