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    <MOD-DIAM> from nowhere (?)

    Evan Rosen
      I've seen this in SW 2005 and now in SW 2007: I'm minding my ownbusiness and without warning my diameter dimensions now have theprefix <MOD-DIAM>. The help system says this is some kind ofhole call-out, but I'm not using hole call-out features (holewizard) and the "<MOD-DIAM>" shows up in the sketchdimension as a literal and is not resolved to anything - I'dat least expect a number or symbol or something.

      Thanks in advance for any insights.
        • &lt;MOD-DIAM&gt; from nowhere (?)

          < MOD-DIAM > is SolidWorks designation for the ? symbol. I had this happen just the other day the way you describe. My work-around was to close and re-open SolidWorks.

            • &lt;MOD-DIAM&gt; from nowhere (?)
              Evan Rosen
              Thanks, Solid Air, that works. Hope your spouse and all the littleAirs are doing well.

              And for any Solidworks support/technical people listening:When I closed SW 2007 as suggested, I found I had another SWinstance starting up under it (I guess I knocked twice) thatwas stalled loading the "Rhino to SW" plug-in, orsomething like that. Maybe this caused some confusion -- but here'smy point: My company writes cross-platform software runningon windows and other OS's and under windows there areprogram-defined global MUTEX (mutually-exclusive) handles thatyou can use to detect whether another instance of SW 2007 isalready running -- this is the "right" way to do it. SWseems to do mutexing by detecting whether a journal file can't bestarted (because one is already open, presumably by anotherinstance of SW) and this is not as "right" and may causesome resource lock-ups until the user OK's the dialog box, ifyou're not very careful in the coding. So in the scenariowhere the dialog box is covered by the "winning" instanceof SW you may get problems, maybe even the one discussed in thisthread, and a host of other hard-to-diagnose problems as well. Isuggest you try windows global mutex facility.