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Using VBA pmp selectionbox question

Question asked by Drew Miller on Dec 16, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 16, 2014 by Drew Miller

Hi,Using VBA, I have a propertymanagerpage.  The user interface allows selection of faces in a selectionbox object.  There are multiple faces selected.  How do I get the selected items from the selectionbox?  I have tried using object=pm_Selection.GetSelectedItems but doesn't look like its working.


Dim swFeature  As SldWorks.Face2

        Dim varArray As Object

        Dim itemCount As Integer

        Dim varItem As Variant


        itemCount = pm_Selection.GetSelectedItemsCount

        Debug.Print "Number of items selected: " & itemCount


        Set varArray = pm_Selection.GetSelectedItems

        Set varItem = varArray(0)

' Get the face feature and use it in the next method

        ' Create the part and insert it as a virtual component

        ' in the assembly

        Status = swAssy.InsertNewVirtualPart(swFeature, swComponent)