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    Duplicate Feature Manager

    JR Bartle

      What causes this? I have it happen to me all the time but have yet to see exactly when it happens. I only notice it when I go to select another part/assembly from the tree.





      As you can see there are 2 stacked Feature Manager Trees. Any ideas?

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          Deepak Gupta

          Yes, this is an inbuilt feature. Simply take your pointer to the middle line of them (the pointer will change to two horizontal lines with arrows on top and bottom)  and double click there to make the extra feature manager puff off.



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              JR Bartle

              Appreciate the info Deepak. Wasn't sure if it was by design or what. It's always nagged at me but never had the inclination to ask about it until now.

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                Jim Wilkinson

                Deepak is correct. This is an intentional feature; being able to split the tree into two so you can either see two portions of a long tree at once, or have both the FeatureManager tree and another tab visible at the same time. You can both open or close it by double clicking the double line (as Deepak highlights). Perhaps you are going to double click the tabs above or below the splitter bar, missing the tabs and double clicking on the splitter by mistake? By the way, you only have to single click the tabs, not double click them so if you are indeed double clicking and missing, then just using single click instead should stop the problem from happening (since single click on the splitter will not expand the other tree).