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    Basic information table saved as a block - alternatives?

    Mike Roberts

      In the past Ive used a simple saved table (or basic chart)  as a block in our solidworks drawings to allow me to enter our cutting machines stop settings, blade angle settings & cutting settings for a particular part that needs to be cut & fabricated on the factory floor


      Its all very basic but its a bit tidier than just typing a note onto the drawing sheet itself. We will have the cutting. fabrication, & welding info documented elsewhere in more detail in a seperate manual


      Recently we've tried to standardise the layout of our drawings & it gets a bit messy when various machines & processes need different information. Some of the future fabricating permutations involves either creating about 20 or so various blocks for differing cutting/rolling machines (which will be a nightmare) so at the moment I have 2 or a general 'Template' blocks that i use that have all the information on it, & I then edit,ammend & delete the 'text' on the block that I dont need (hope that makes sense!).


      Ive shown some basic info in the attached image:

      Cutting info for forum.JPG

      This is a simple version of my template. The figures I insert shown in the yellow circles I insert manually by double clicking

      The text outside of the box are deleted if I dont require it (text in orange boxes in this case)

      Eg for my next block I may delete the Backstop (Left) & replace it by dragging the Backstop Right in its place

      Once the drawing with the block 'table' on it is saved, it saves it as I want & the original template block remains untouched


      Initially I was thinking of creating an Excel based table that I could use, with the various settings I need saved as a dropdown list for each cell of the table, so it would be a case of selecting a cell & then the option i need.


      The question Im asking is it possible to do this in Solidworks? Or is there a more user friendly way of showing the info I need?


      Ive had a quick look at the general tables in Solidworks but the formatting options seem a bit basic & Im not an expert at using Excel