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    How the version of PRJPCB file is maintained in EPDM ?

    Lingashetty Menasagi

      How the versions of ECAD files are maintained in EPDM ?


      Is there any relationship maintained in EPDM for PRJPCB with its contents ?


      Files which are related to PRJPCB file is not updating in EPDM vault if I change the version of PRJPCB file.


      Some files in PRJPCB files contains no data when changing the version of the PRJPCB file using EPDM. In this situation how we have to handle the data while version migration?.



      Thanks in Advance!!!

        • Re: How the version of PRJPCB file is maintained in EPDM ?
          Igor Larionov



          HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\SolidWorks\Applications\PDMWorks Enterprise\FileFormats\.prjpcb

          and add REG_MULTI_SZ key 8 with value IniPlugin.dll (use FileFormats\.ini brunch as a an example).

          Then you can add variable mapping for prjpcb files.

          prjpcb stores properties data like that:




          so block name will be Parameter5 and attribute name Value.

          As parameters order can vary if create AD project from scratch, you have to use templates for every new project.


          References should be added by hand in this case.