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    Problems with deleting equations in a sketch

    Mike McKeand

      I’m having trouble with equations used in sketches.  Specifically deleting them.


      Maybe there’s a right and wrong way to do this.…..SW2014 SP4.0


      Example:  I have a sketch that uses an equation to locate a line.  I no longer want the equation driving the location so I edit the sketch, click on the dimension (shown as an equation), and either delete it or change it to a specific value.


      As soon as I exit the sketch, I get an error in the equations folder. The problem is, the equation is no longer in the folder to delete.  Catch 22.  I can't fix the problem I just created. The only “solution” I have found is to go into the equations folder and delete the equation BEFORE doing anything in the sketch.  If I don’t, it’s never ending problems ahead.


      Why can’t I delete the equations, just as I created them, from within the sketch?