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    Sheet metal part not visible in drawing as hidden lines (removed or visible)

    Ben Richardson

      Hello fellow SW users,


      I have a strange problem I have not come across before. I am trying to create a drawing of a folded sheet metal part. Initially the drawing view was displaying fine, I made several section views of the part to display bend angles, all was looking fine until I went back and edited the sketch line of one of the section views. It then gave me an error saying that the section view could not be created (cant remember exactly what it said, cant reproduce it now). I clicked ok then the main view I was creating the sections off disappeared. I thought no problem I have seen this before, I just selected a different display style for the view and back to hidden lines removed but it still remains invisible. Both hidden lines removed and visible don't show, but the other display states will.


      I cant post up any screen shots as my drawing is now blank even with the view there. I have tried restarting SW several times and even rebooted the whole machine and tried to redo the drawing but it refuses to show the part in hidden lines removed or visible now and I cant seem to fix it, which means I cant create a drawing of this part any more.


      Any ideas?