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Epdm communication with (smtp) with Calendar interface

Question asked by Brent Lewis on Dec 15, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2014 by Tim Webb

We have used Epdm for about 1.5 years now, I have been the Admin since the beginning but because of other duties, done light improvements over the last year. Lately the more I have shown upper management on reports and possibilities of a SQL based background ,the more they come up with new Idea's out of my league.

This is not a request for Code help, but more a suggestion on resources on who could possible help front a project of this size. I have emailed our Var with this looking for their recommendations, but I thought I would reach out here also. I try to explore all possibilities.


We currently use multiple resources to accomplish a goal, Epdm , outlook calendar, multi excel sheets. Thoughts are, would be nice to combine to accomplish the same goal in Epdm.


The Main goal would be on a state change to be able to include personnel on a calendar invite for a meeting, they get notified and outlook calendar is updated or changeable on times.

Other goals are Assignment of projects (( of the time of the state change ) with a (Level of Difficulty)) and certain users of the mail notification.

On assignment of the task to individuals the Level of Difficulty would possibly have a day range. Those days would be reserved ( or color coded ) and taken away from a designated time period.


Since I never explain myself well, here is an example.

1)Request Approved ( state change), members are selected 1,2,3 might be mains on projects and meeting time setup.

This is done via email system on email calendar invite system.

2)during meeting difficulty level established and possible time frame of completion.

State change or update of variables?

3)This info is in a Calendar interface in Epdm via a data card/report/ or something. It needs to be adjustable and would be nice if calendar dates are blocked out/from the difficulty level.

There are always two time frames a year that is the finish goal.

Reach out to me on possible talks of a project of this size.

I have seen a few here that do that or can at least recommend talks on this subject.