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    Custom dimensioning macro (for dia's)

    Aaron Alexander


      I'm trying to figure out if there is a way to make a macro in SolidWorks  (after I make the 2d views of the part) to make my dia dimensions look like this.  My plan is to run the macro, then click the line that represents the outer diameter of the part.  Drag my mouse to the right and click again, this will tell the macro where to stop and place the arrow head, then move the mouse down and click again.  This will be where the dia. value will be located.  So after clicking the outer dia of the part and the (2) clicks of the mouse that follow, the macro will then ask what value to put in for the dia value, datam letter (the A value in the picture) and the TIR value.  Before I spend days trying to program this or learn how to.  I figured I would ask for any help or input here first.  Thank you.