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    missing lines in DXF-export

    Sebastian Mammitzsch

      Hello community,

      I like to mill a part via visuaMlILL.




      Therefore I need to export the top view in a DXF format.



      The part (top view)




      DXF export in SolidWorks (still OK no SolidWorks Educational Edition added)




      Unfortunately a line is getting destroyed during this process (see pictures). My assumption is that the adding of the “SolidWorks Educational Edition” is responsible.


      DXF file opened in DXF-Editor (geometry destroyed, last line set to (0;0)?)


      VisualMill (line is completly gone, no milling of the grove possible)




      Is this a known bug? Is there a work around? Maybe someone could try to export the view in a non educational Edition (see attached file) .


      Thank you for your help.


      Best regards,