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Custom Properties in Toolbox

Question asked by Cory Knight on Dec 15, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2014 by Cory Knight

Greetings All!  I've got a little "nice to have" challenge for all of you SW guru's and am beckoning you're help.  I'm trying to configure the hardware in my Toolbox to use my company's part numbers for specific hardware components instead of the SW default part number.  For example, our part number for a socket head cap screw is 100 - size x length.  I've created a custom property called Drawing_Number and used it in my BOM for part number (instead of default).  I've loaded it into Toolbox and I want to reference the "size" and "length" number from the toolbox data.  I can't figure out how to reference the SW Toolbox "Size" and "Length" variables in my custom property definition. Anyone have any idea how to accomplish this? 

  Toolbox Custom Properties.jpg

Toolbox Custom Properties2.jpg