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transition conditions questions

Question asked by James Santangelo on Dec 12, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 22, 2017 by James Santangelo

I am setting up our companies Change Notice workflow in EPDM 2015 and am having issues with the conditional logic in an automatic transition.  It worked when I was testing with only 2 conditions but now after after the additional conditions it's not working. 


Here is the my workflow and the automatic transition that's not working anymore:




The conditions that I expanded after testing the just 2 required signatures:




It is supposed to loop back to "CN Under Review" if any of those variables are blank.  It will proceed to "Doc Control Staging"  once all the signature variables contain atleast one character something like N/A or the name of the signer:




A bit more background on this workflow.  The Change Notice excel file has a data card where you check the required signatories:




The default value for the signatures is blank.  When it transitions through the "Dispatch Req Signatures" State, Dispatch will place "N/A" where a signature is not required:




So do I just have the wrong understanding of how the logic works for Conditions?  Why did it work before with only 2 Conditions and not now will all the additional ones?


I just started playing with EPDM and did the basic Admin class so I am still learning.  I cobbled this solution together from reading this forum and what I gathered off the internet.


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