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not returning to Similar Questions Asked suggestion list

Question asked by Peter Thannhauser on Dec 12, 2014

Maybe I'm missing something, but I don't quite understand the underlying flow of entering a question & researching potential solutions. Example:


SW>Type your question

me: I enter a phrase or keywords of my problem I require help on

SW> provides 'Similar Questions Already Asked' listing - Title + mini description snip

me: I click on one promising looking Q&A reply & read it

SW> Is this what you're looking for? Yes / No

me: if I click Yes, problem solved, it stays on that post (& I assume diagnostics go to the SW mother ship)

me: if I click No, inferring my problem is not solved, so I want to go back one step to the list of possible highlighted similar questions. But what actually happens is No bounces me right back to the Home area & I have to re-enter the question/keywords all over again to re-generate the suggestion list & pick up where I left off. This seems illogical & wasteful.

Am I doing something wrong? I think I tried back on the browser button & same condition.