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Screen shot resolution

Question asked by Alan Thomason on Dec 12, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2014 by Alan Thomason

I would like to improve the resolution of the image capture in SolidWorks.  I have tried a conventional screenshot (Snagit) within the conventional SolidWorks drawing screen, in Print Preview, have tried the screen capture provided by SolidWorks, PhotoView360, and have tried saving as a *.jpg.


The Snagit screen capture from print preview works the best, but it is not great.  Regarding the save as a *.jpg, I find that I can increase the resolution greatly, but the actual pixellation within the image is not actually improving.


I have used PhotoView with great success in some objects, and with great frustration in others.  This is one of those cases where it is falling on its face.  It seems to depend on the type of object you want to render.  Besides, I really just want a nice shot of the part.  This isn't a screen capture, but an improved rendering of what is being shown on the screen.


There is a tedious method that I have used in the past, to zoom in and take screen captures bit by pit and compose them all into one image.  This is obviously tedious.  Is there another way? 


Thanks in a advance.