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2015 AddMenuItem not working

Question asked by Profanter Profanter on Dec 12, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 16, 2014 by Profanter Profanter


I wanted to use the SolidWorks to Urdf exporter from here: sw_urdf_exporter - ROS Wiki


But unfortunately the menu item under the files Menu to start the export doesn't show up.


Here's the source code:

brawner / SW2URDF / source / SW2URDF / SwAddin.cs — Bitbucket


The corresponding lines responsible for adding the menu item are:


iSwApp.AddMenuItem3((int)swDocumentTypes_e.swDocASSEMBLY, addinID, "Export as URDF@&File", 10, "assemblyURDFExporter", "", "Export assembly as URDF file", "");

iSwApp.AddMenuItem3((int)swDocumentTypes_e.swDocPART, addinID, "Export as URDF@&File", 10, "partURDFExporter", "", "Export part as URDF file", "");


What's wrong with this code?