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Hole Size (Hole Wizard) Linked to Design Table

Question asked by Alexander Sandstrom on Dec 11, 2014

I have a part (just think of it as a 3" cube) within an assembly and it has a tapped hole through it from the center of one of the faces. I also have a design table that is linked to an excel sheet with many values and formulas in it. I am trying to link the tapped hole size to the design table so that it will update with the rest of the part when the design table is updated. I want to be able to use any tapped thread size from a #0 to a 1 inch tapped hole. I already know how to create formulas so that the end result will either be the number size of the tapped hole or the outer diameter size of the tapped hole. I would rather not use configurations either seeing as my assembly is designed to specifically utilize the design tables.


Thanks in advance