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Hole Wizard relations

Question asked by Eric Seaman on Dec 12, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2014 by Thomas Warner

I am having trouble with my hole wizard relations.  In SW 14 after you clicked the hole you wanted to put into the part it would automatically add relations.  Lets say that I am editing a part in an assembly and I am adding a hole to the part.  If I wanted it concentric to another hole in a part in the assembly I would just hoover over the edge of the hole and after the center point came up, I would place the hole there.  My point would automatically turn black and it would be defined.  After I updated to SW 15 this no longer works.  It will do it with the first hole I place but for every one of the same hole I place it will not even highlight the edge of the hole I am trying to be concentric to.  I am wondering if there is a setting to change this back.  Auto relation is on and the document settings seem to be the same as SW14.  If anyone has some options to try please let me know.