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Sandwich Panel Walls

Question asked by Robert Cuzens on Dec 11, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2018 by Farid Mohammadi

Hi I work for a company that uses Sandwich Panel Walls (cool room
panel/ eps panel) in our construction. The main size panel we use is 1200mm (w)
x 2740mm (h) x 50mm thick. The panel has both a male and female end so you can
lock them together


I have a question in regards to modelling these panels in Solidworks.

Obviously in some circumstances we need to cut the panels width to suit.
Sometimes we cut the male end, other times we need to cut the female end. At
the moment I've been modelling the panel as a part then creating 2 main configurations
one for a male cut other for a female cut then I use derived configs inside the
2 main configs to change panel width in 5mm increments.


This means that inside one part I have 2 main configurations and 240 derived
configurations inside each main config.

The problem I face is it’s not a robust approach. Say if we had to increase
the height of the panel from 2740 to 3050 I would have to replace all of the
panels in my assembly and redo a design table for each new size. Also because
we use our Panel off cuts in other areas of our construction, I manually have
to calculate how much panel is needed to be ordered. I cant work out how solid
works could calculate this automatically

I cant seem to work out what the best approach would be in terms of design
to make our models robust and time effective. Hopefully you guys can steer me
in the right direction.