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    Drawing very laggy/unresponsive

    Chris Fabyanski



      We have a drawing that for whatever reason is very laggy and unresponsive.  Commands/mouse movement lags about 5-6 seconds behind.  It isn't a super complex drawing/assy.  The drawing is saved locally, ie not on a server.  I am using a new computer that was put together specifically for Solidworks....


      Any ideas?

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          Paul Cullen

          Hi Chris


          I have no idea why this might happen, what I would do if this was happening to me is


          1. Close SW and restart my computer
          2. Open all part and assembly files that the drawing relates to
          3. Use the freeze bar in the parts to stop SW from trying to rebuild the part
          4. Make sure that "verification on rebuild" it unchecked under performance in the options menu


          If this is causing you a lot of trouble do a pack and go and send the files to your VAR for them to have a look at them. If the same thing is happening for them they can send it to SW for analysis.

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            Thomas Warner

            Is it just that file or do you experience it with others? What is the file size?

            I have a similar problem occurs about 10-12 times a day with different files. I close SW and reopen SW and it peps up again. Thinking I have a bad install.

            You may as well. Try to repair off the SW disk. That may help. Otherwise it might just be a quirk in the drawing file itself. Try a save as and see if that helps.