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PDM Enterprise & Routing

Question asked by Ross McEllhiney on Apr 24, 2007
Latest reply on May 8, 2007 by Ross McEllhiney
I am writing this post to describe how much trouble I am havingwith this combination
. I have spent hours on the support lines trying to make this work,the system crashes every few mins. I send several RX to VAR everyweek.  No warnings just crashes. I do not believe this hasbeen correctly tested. We use routing in SW2006 without problems.2007 has more issues but we have found workarounds, I can makerouting work in 2007 although the conversion from 2006 is very timeconsuming. SW 2006 , PDWE and routing does not work and is notsupported. SW 2007,  PDWE and Routing effectively doesnot work , but is supported.

Dell Precession 690, 4Mb, Win XP Nvidia 3500 SW 2007 3.1 PDWE 3.0