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    EPDM and multiple versions of Solidworks

    Tom Parent

      We're presently considering moving to EPDM from WPDM.  Being a consultancy, we must conform to our client's Solidworks version.  For WPDM, we run multiple vaults to handle the multiple Solidworks running.  Our VAR tells us a single EPDM vault can handle the multiple versions.  I'm trying to better understand the implications of this.  Is there a flag in EPDM that tells you the SW release version of the file?  Does anyone have experience with this and any precautionary thoughts?  Thanks!

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          Michael Dekoning

          As long as you are running a later version of EPDM, it will work with your files. I don't think there's any way to indicate which version the file is.

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            Jefferson Oliveira

            Hi Tom,



            As the EPDM manage SolidWorks files regardless of their versions and old projects are not always updated on a possible exchange of EPDM version, we can not create a note and not have a field on the card you to return it. I have two tips.



            It is possible to create an API that returns the version of the SW file and insert it into dispatch and run on all Vault files.



            Create a field in your template standard SolidWorks with the SolidWorks version and each SW version change update this field.



            I hope it helped.

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