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    Update component quantity in Design Tree?

    Cole Benjamin

      Is there a way to refresh the quantities of components in the design tree after making changes?
      We (as I'm sure most of you) deal with customers making changes all of the time to our designs. Our initial design review goes through many rehashes & reworks before the customer signs off on it & submits their approval. I've noticed that when you bring in multiple sub assemblies or parts of the same name SW will number (<1>, <2>, <3> etc) these parts in your design tree.








      I sometimes have to delete or modify parts & replace them with others etc. I'd like this number to update so I can see that if by altering THIS part I won't screw up another copy in the job.
      Is there a way to refresh & renumber these handy little numbers? It would save me a ton of time going through the design tree looking for copies of parts before making alterations.
      Sorry if this seems like a noob question. I've never even paid attention to these numbers before but now there is a need.

      Thanks in advance for any assistance.