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How to automatically detect and end hanging solidworks.exe on a dedicated task computer?

Question asked by Michael Woerther on Dec 11, 2014

Using a dedicated computer for the execution of EPDM Tasks (e.g. create PDF of released drawings) has a lot of advantages.

However it has the negative side that a hanging task does not get detected easily as nobody is working on that machine.So if a task get stuck, this can completely block the task execution over a longer time, until the problem is discovered.

As a first step, every night we “taskkill” all sldworks.exe processes on the task computer and reset hanging tasks in SQL( see

But this means that still the the task execution can be hanging for several hours, with several PDFs missing although the related drawings have already been released.


Has somebody else come across this as well and is there probably some tool to automatically detect and end hanging solidworks.exe processes?