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    Forced to save unmodifed documents

    Matt Bracht

      Folks, new to Solidworks after a long life with PTC products, I'm having an issue that is irritating me that I hope someone has a resolution for.  I do not have a PDM system to control the life cycle state nor a check-in/check-out function to control the files I use.  That said I have an assembly of which I made a change to only the current file, when I try to save that file I'm prompted that components under that assembly are now considered 'modified' (even though they absolutely are not) and therefore subject to being saved too.  Is there a options toggle to override this behavior?!?  I've put this question in the general group because I do not run Workgroup, just the base package.

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          Brian Titus

          Leave it to the infamous SolidWorks "dirty" flag.  Dirty doesn't necessarily mean changed.

          There are MANY different things that tell SolidWorks that the documents are "dirty" and can prompt for saving.


          In cases where PDM is not used, we have opted to enable the feature "freeze"  option to prevent this from happening arbitrarily.  With features locked, there is no chance of causing anything to become dirty (aka modified).