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    Sea Floor Surface

    Lakhvinder Singh



      I am trying to model a sea floor area of around 1 km X 1 km area. As the floor would be uneven and wavy, what will be best way to create such a surface? I tried using the free form feature, but that is a time consuming feature where I would need to pull and stretch each single dots/points. Is there something I can do automatically or pattern? The same goes for a sea surface on top with waves etc. Thanks in advance.





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          Kelef Man

          hei'ya Lakhvinder,

          using file format *.obj or *.3ds, or other mesh files, simply put 'point cloud' data.

          Imported into SW as mesh data ie. 'X','Y','Z' points in space,

          which you convert with "Scan To 3D" that’s an add-in of the SW Premium software

          hope this helps- kelef

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            Jamil Snead

            If you have SW2014 or later you can see this example. It was just a quick way i thought of, although I have to admit it doesn't look that natural so I don't know if it will suffice for your application. But it is easy to do, just sketch some random curvy lines on a few planes in either direction and make a boundary surface. Just make sure the lines all intersect each other.