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    Creating a surface from 2 sets of intersecting curves

    Mike Sanford

      I'm struggling to create an accurate surface from intersecting curves and hope you can help.  We created two sets of cross-sectional curves in the x and y direction of a part using a CMM machine. Now I need to create a surface, extend that surface out on each edge, and thicken it. Using Boundary Surface I'm able to select the curves in one direction, and with lots of massaging, create a poorly modeled surface that I can't modify.  When I try to insert the second set of curves in Direction 2 I get **error** ImportedCurvexx.

      I've brought the curves in as IGES and Parasolid with the same results. I can also bring these in as sketches, but I'm unable to manipulate the curves because I need to maintain the dimensional accuracy. The screenshot below shows the sketches from the top view. These curves are fairly flat.

      Am I using the right command? Does this require some in-depth modeling knowledge?   Thanks.