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Hello everyone.  Sheet metal help needed.

Question asked by Adam Ashcraft on Dec 10, 2014

I am new to this forum.  I am having an issue with a sheet metal part and need some advice. My goal is to create is a template to make  flat patterns for  pre-preg  carbon fiber that will be roll wrapped around a mandrel.  What I am creating is lofted bend with taper. I did this by creating two different size spirals on two parallel  planes. I then need to unfold this part, make cut extrude, and then fold.  I am finding that the Fold fails inconsistently after making my cut extrude.  Right now the only shape I can cut extrude and fold is a circle and it needs to be within the edges of the sheet metal.  I was able reverse the thickness of the sheet metal  and make some cut extrudes but it still seems to fail randomly also.   Here are two files one with the failed  fold feature and one folded but with the sheet metal thickness going in the wrong direction.  


If you open the fold failure part and suppress the cut extrude the part will fold.  The sheet metal taper part file is what I need only with the thickness reversed.      


Any help is appreciated thank you.