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Rendering glossy objects

Question asked by Tracy Lau on Dec 10, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2014 by Tracy Lau

Hi all,


I'm trying to render a glossy box enclosure. Essentially it's a black glossy material that should render similarly to an iphone.  


I've played around with different materials: medium gloss, high gloss, custom color. Added directional lights. I've checked out some different scenes (currently using black with fill lights). I've read these two similar discussions. From reading about the illumination settings I figure that I want a


high reflection, currently=.58


low specular spread, currently=.2


From the things I've tried I still can't get that glossy look, especially on the top of my box. This is what I have:


my box render.JPG


How do I get highlights on the top like this:



Or create a glossy look like the top of this iphone?

Iphone render 4 copy.jpg

When I get to work today, I'm thinking of

-checking out the kitchen environment to get the strong highlight

-creating a white flat rectangle with LED appearance over the box, or angled in a way so that it will reflect on the top of the box to create the highlight in the first image


Which one of these is a dead-end and which one of these options should I further investigate to get that glossy look?


Thank you!