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Edge Flange Angle Less than 90 Degrees Error

Question asked by Derek Ott on Dec 10, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2014 by Derek Ott

Hello all and thank you for taking a look at my simple question.  I've been using Solidworks now for about 3 years but I haven't had much use for sheet metal design.  I'm starting to explore the uses and features of this option and see that it could be useful for some future projects.  I started working with the basics by going through the Solidworks tutorial for sheet metal.  I quickly ran into a problem where I get an error when trying to complete one of the steps in the tutorial.  The instructions say to add an edge flange and specify an angle of 75 degrees.  When I apply this angle I get the error message in the attached picture.  From the selections I have shown is there something I should change to make this work?