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    Ke Yuan Ting


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          Chris Michalski

          Sweep.  Linear Pattern.  Extrude.

          If you can't create something simple like this you should start with the tutorials to get the basics.


          (To be honest if you have the drawing already it looks like you're asking someone to do your homework for you.)

          • Re: how to draw this? any help from anyone?
            Glenn Schroeder

            I would do it beginning with the Structural Member function on the Weldments toolbar.  Of course, to use this you would need to have the pipe profile saved.  The other option would be to use a series of sweeps, extrudes, and linear patterns.  If you would like to post what you've done so far I'm sure someone would be glad to give you some more specific suggestions.  Click on "Use advanced editor" at top right of the Reply box to post files.


            Also, you've posted this in the Flow Simulation section of the forum.  If that was intentional, that's fine.  If not, I'd suggest you move it to a more appropriate section.  You can do this by clicking on "Move" in the Actions section near the top right of this page.