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SpaceMouse Pro only works on 1 axis at a time

Question asked by Amit Katz on Dec 10, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 10, 2014 by Amit Katz

I have a SpaceMouse Pro at my workstation. The SpaceMouse Pro used to work really well with SW, very smooth and precise operation. A few weeks ago I recieved a new PC with a new install of SolidWorks. Now whenever I use the SpaceMouse I can only manipulate 1 axis at a time with the SpaceMouse (i.e. X or Y or Z or one of the rotation axes.) I used to be able to manipulate all 6 axes at once. This functionality still works in Solid Edge, and with the tech demos, it's only with SW that I run into the issue.


Solutions I've tried:


-Installing a different version of SW (I've gotten the same results with 2014 version and 2015 version)

-Upgrading my mouse drivers