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    Derived parts in a SolidWorks bom

    Darren Smith

      Can anybody help????


      Please see the attached zip file.


      I have a simple assembly consisting of three parts, a pneumatic cylinder, a bearing and a mounting plate.


      This mounting plate (shown in "Grey" on the assembly) has a part number "3I09989" and is made from another part 3I09979


      I simply created a part and called it 3I09979. Then I created a new part 3I09989 and inserted the part 3I09979 as a "derived part".


      I then added drilled and counterbored holes to this part and inserted it into an assembly.


      My problem is this.....


      I am trying to traverse the assembly, using a SolidWorks VBA macro, and output, to a txt file (that can be opened with notepad) all the part numbers in the assembly,

      including all the properties listed for the part (File>Properties>Configuration Specific)


      I cannot get the output to show the "derived parts".


      Does anybody know how to do this?