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pick line on sketch to make it horizontal to plane/screen when inserting .dxf file

Question asked by Dave Krum on Dec 10, 2014
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Quick question on the alignment of a sketch to the screen.  I have several .dxf files which I need to bring into part files.  They are all oriented incorrectly when they are imported in.  Basically, all the files show the sketch rotated off from what I want (sometimes they are not even 90 as is the case on the attached).  I know how to move the sketch point to the origin but is there a quick way to pick on a given line and then tell SW to make it horizontal to the screen or parallel to a plane (wanna be working with having the sketch show on screen the way I see it on the blueprint)?  I only have to bring one .dxf into each part then do some modifications to it.  What I've been doing in the past is simply figuring on what degree the sketch is off then using "rotate entities" to manually rotate it but I'd like to just be able to pick a line then make that line horizontal to screen while keeping the relations currently shown.  As you know, when a .dxf is inserted in, there are no relations to each entity on the sketch and I'd prefer not to have to make relations for each line to each other.  Just wanna keep the sketch as shown (will be under defined of course) and then rotate it quickly to make it horizontal.  I usually just make a new part, then select the top plane, then insert the .dxf file on that plane and what you see on the attached screenshot is what I get.  Now I gotta bring the line marked on sketch horizontal to screen.  See my screenshot for clarification.  There must be an "align sketch" to plane option but I've been searching in help and online and must be using the wrong keywords.  Thanks!