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    Mate reference question

    Tony Vitale

      Hi all,


      if i have a square peg for instance, is there a way i can setup a mate references in the part so it will auto mate to a square hole? I've tried everything i can think of with no luck. Thanks in advance!



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          Nathan Rollins

          Can you create an axis at the center of the square hole and align to it?

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            Alan Bumbaugh


            If you can use hole wizard in your block then Pattern driven component pattern will work, This is a fantastic feature.

            Sketch .png

            I have been playing with Sketch driven patter, and accomplished this;

            Sketch Driven.png

            I have never used it before, it seems like it might be useable in your situation.

            If all else fails try copy with mates, if you have common mate surfaces you can reduce the number of selected mates.



            Any of the driven patterns will keep your file sizes smaller since your don't actually insert more parts.


            Also, all of these work great if you have different configurations, just drop one in and change to the configuration you want to use.

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              Matt Wallace

              I think the answer is yes, you could set up a mate reference.  I think this will be a case where you are going to need to have mate references in both parts with the same name, and your part with the square holes will need a mate reference for every hole, and you will probably have to get creative to make it work.  It will be a lot of work.


              I think your best approach is to make the square holes a sketch driven pattern, and then the plugs a pattern driven pattern.  If you do not have that control, copy with mates will cut down the amount of time mating significantly.

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