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Question asked by MAXIM FRAYER on Dec 9, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 10, 2014 by Jared Conway

In simulation 2014 sp3, I do not understand the following behavior of the probe or list selected functions.   When I have deformed result superimposed on a result plot, the plot defined on selected component only, and I enter the probe dialog, the selected component is not shown isolated any more: The model view goes back to full assembly mode.  This does not happen when deformed shape is turned off on such a plot!  Sounds like a bug.  The other frustration in the probe/list selected workflow, that makes the software unusable in my case, is I am not able to select model features, including edges per split lines and points, with anywhere the dexterity (if any at all on some occasions) that I have in the normal SW office workflow.  The selection filters do not help, nor does adjusting the view orientation (cannot changing view type ,say from shaded to hidden lines shown, for ex., at this point because of the apparent opaque result plot).  I don't know if SW is running poorly in the Simulation probe because of the resource management, etc. (no warning in the resource monitor or anything) or what not.  As I said, this makes the critical probe function, which I need to quantitate a result, unusable!