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Creating a path for a swept boss

Question asked by Alan Thomason on Dec 9, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 9, 2014 by Alan Thomason

I need to make a torsion spring including the attachment ends.  The path is fundamentally a helix, with relatively simple geometry on each end for the attachment points.  When I try to sweep a profile along the needed path, it will not follow along the full needed path.  So, I need to combine everything into one entity with 'Fit Spline' if I want one continuous sweep.

2014-12-09 15-13-20.jpg

I have gotten a part that looks 'acceptable' by taking the ends of the helical sweep and then sweeping those out to the ends, but it looks pretty lumpy near the joints.  I am aware of and have selected forcing tangency at the endpoints (I have a hard time imagining when you wouldn't want this incidentally).


Is there a superior method to get one long entity, or have I missed something?  The attached file is in SW2015.


Thanks in advance...