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2015 issues with press fit dowels and snaps

Question asked by Joe Stellema on Dec 9, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2014 by Joe Stellema

IS anyone else having issues when using press fit option with dowels?  when inserting press fit dowels, I have a serious "lag" time with the graphics as far as the mouse and the actual dowel.. I can click and wait at least 5-8 seconds for the dowel to appear, but if I use nominal setting it works just fine.. side note, the other two options are bad also, (transitional and clearance).. also I cannot snap to my sketches in the new version, I am allowed to snap to my first sketch point, but it will not recognize my second point and so forth unless I cancel my command and restart it.. or hit escape and just make relations the old fashioned way which is too time consuming..  I have tried different video cards and drivers, we even have another station here with the EXACT card and driver in it and it has no issue with the dowel command, but it has the same issue with the snaps.  Also, we are finding since the install with 2015 that windows explorer is crashing a lot on us.. please tell me others are experiencing this and there is an answer.. I have been using SW since 2004 and this has to be by far the worst release I have seen as far as bugs "out of the box". guess I should have waited for SP1.