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Saving as PNG comes out blank

Question asked by Ian Park on Dec 8, 2014

An on-site user with Solidworks 2014 U5 and using a HP Probook 4730s with plenty of RAM and an i7 processor is having a strange Save as to PNG (Portable Network Graphics) issue. The user had the feature of Saving As to a PNG working fine... 


Now, out of nowhere it just stopped doing this properly.  It would go through all the save dialog and create the file, but it is almost as if none of the drawing data is being pipelined to be drawn at all to a PNG file. This is only when the "remove background" feature is ticked. Furthermore, when "remove background" is ticked, it will produce a blank PNG file. But when the "remove background" is not ticked, then it'll produce the normal file without any issue.


It is acknowledged that the Photoview360 feature works properly, but the result is not the desired - compared to the result produced by the straightforward Save As dialog procedure.


Any help or a nudge in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.