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Simulation crashes due to scale?

Question asked by Mark Kamps on Dec 8, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 10, 2014 by Jared Conway

Hello all,


Been working on this for a while, and I am encountering several problems.

I am trying to perform FEA on an 1 by 1 um surface (1 um = 0.001 mm). This scale on itself provides some difficulties in SolidWorks, but I finally managed to make the parts and set the simulation.


However, whenever I try to mesh the part, it will fail the mesh, or even worse, crash SolidWorks. I added the parts as an attachment.


I also tried to make an 10 by 10 um surface, to see if the problem still occurs. Whilst I still got a lot of errors, I did manage to create one rather coarse mesh, which resulted in a failure in the analysis. Am I running into the boundaries of the software? How can I tackle this problem?


The goal of the analysis is to extract the normal contact forces acting on the rough-surface by pressing an rigid flat part on top of it. After that, the deformed body has to be extracted. This means the mesh has to be very fine, since the data has to be reliable. I did manage to get every setting right on a larger part (200 by 200 mm), but obviously the acquired results were not correct since the parts were scaled.


I really hope someone can help me.