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    Drawings from equation driven parts

    Luke Wilhelm

      I'm modeling an assembly consisting of several different configuration (Solidworks 2014).  The parts in the assembly are very similar from configuration to configuration, with only the magnitudes of a few radial dimensions on each part changing in each configuration.  To simplify the design process, I created several global variables at the assembly level corresponding to these changing radial dimensions.  For each assembly configuration, the values of these global variables changes.  The dimensions of the parts are then set equal to these global variables, so each time I change the assembly configuration, the parts update correctly.  This allowed me to have several configurations at the assembly level, without creating the same number of configurations for each individual part.


      However, this has given me problems when I go to create drawings of the individual parts.  Since the each component only has one configuration, but its dimensions are tied to the assembly level configuration, the drawing of a part changes every time the assembly configuration changes.  Is there any way to tie a part-level drawing to an assembly-level configuration?