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autosize not working in smart components

Question asked by Dan Pool on Dec 8, 2014

Can anyone tell me some simple steps to set up an autosizing smart component?  My smart components never autosize.  Here's what I do:

  • Make a tube with a 8" ID
  • Make a rod with an 8" OD
  • Make an assembly with the OD of the rod mated to the ID of the tube.
  • Select the rod and "Make Smart Component"
  • Check "Diameter" under the Auto Size section
  • Select the rod OD for the concentric mate reference
  • Click "Configurator Table..."
  • Set the Minimum and Maximum Diameter (4"-12")
  • Make a new assembly with a new tube tube with a 6" ID
  • Insert the smart component
  • Mate it to the ID of the new tube.  It mates, but doesn't autosize.


Edit: I'm using solidworks 2012