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    problem in large displacement simulation

    Joris Romijn

      Whilst running my large displacement static simulation, i encountered a problem.

      as shown in the first picture i'm simulating a seat rails, the grey part in the picture is bolted to the bodem plate, and the grey and green part don't have direct interaction when there is no force acting on them

      forum picture 1.png

      The force in this simulation has a x,y and z component with Y being by far the biggest. (20.000N)

      The bodem plate is fixed and the component on which the force acts is bolted to the rails. (here gray but that is the same part as the green in previous picture.)

      forum picture 2.png

      The problem i am encountering with the simulation is that i can't get solidworks to encorporate the rails which is bolted to the bottom plate in the simulation with a result of this forum picture 3.png

      so there is no interaction between the two rails, when there obviously should be.

      i've tried setting no penetatrion contact set but that didn't help either.

      Does anyone know how i can make it clear to solidworks that the rails will  take up a part of the stress and prevent excessive movement like this?

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          Shaun Densberger

          How did you define the no penetration contact?

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            Jared Conway

            going to be a challenging analysis but like shaun says, how did you define your no penetration contact set?

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                Joris Romijn

                The no penetration contact is defined in a different configuration.

                In that configuration i made the lower rails thicker so both the rails touch and then defined a no penetration contact on the touching surfaces.

                This however didn't make any changes in the result.


                I am using a solidworks 2014 student license.

                The dropbox link included here contains my model, i couldn't find how to attach a file on this forum.

                Please let me know if the link works, and if it doesn't could someone tell me how to attach a zip file?


                Dropbox - pack and go


                The complete assembly used for simulation is called New_simulation_assy_JR

                In my model there are different configurations and a few simulations.

                The simulation i have had the problem with is called Large displacement. (so no contact between the rails.)

                Contact between the rails is allowed, since in real life the two parts slide over each other.

                It takes my laptop around 30 minutes to run, probably due to the huge displacement occuring in the simulation.

                The solution i eventually used is called rails 1 part, where i just made the rails from 1 part.

                This simulation only takes about 3-5 minutes to run.

                This is of course not the ideal (realistic) situation so any feedback on how  to improve the accuracy of my simulation is more than welcome!

                The other studies (extra plate, both forces and attach to seatbracket) are steps to reduce the stress in the model.