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Hiding yellow preview on cut extrude feature / DWG export from AI slow modeling

Question asked by Sam Olagi on Dec 5, 2014

Hello everyone, my name is Sam and I've been working with solidworks 2012 for a while now but recently I've hit a brick wall.


Normally I work with relative simple objects, your normal household stuff, like cups, chairs etc...


for this new project I am helping someone to make his drawing 3d. Meaning I am importing DWG files from Adobe Illustrator which he has worked on, and the designs are mostly comples splines with floral design or other graffiti like design. When selecting to extrude this, I need to select contours which need to be extruded...


However, here is where the problem starts.... when selecting the first 10 contours...this happens relatively fast... but after that it becomes painfully slow.... to a point it took me about 1 hour to select all 50 contours....

I have already done the "usual" to optimize solidworks and my windows using ;


I am guessing one of the following is making it to slow down;


1- the export of the DWG file, and importing it as a sketch makes the final sketch to have to many splines, point, lines etc

2- the yellow preview when selecting contours makes the computer to slow down the more contours I pick.

3- combination of 1 and 2


Now is my question, how can I disable this preview when selecting cut extrude? I have already disabled "instant3d" in my features toolbar and I can't seem to find it elsewhere...and the cutextrude preview is still visible

and secondly.... what is the best format/way to export drawings/sketches from adobe illustrator and import this into solidworks wich can put as little possible pressure on the whole system?


thanks everyone! I've been pulling my hair out, what's left of it, for the last couple of days now!