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Who is using an external parameter file to drive parts and assemblies?

Discussion created by Frank Ruepp Employee on Dec 5, 2014

Hi All,


with SolidWorks 2011 we have added the capability to use an external parameter file that gets linked into different parts and assemblies.  The purpose of this approach is that you have one place where you maintain i.e. your design intent (i.e. overall length parameter used in different components).  When you make any changes to this parameter file the linked parts and assemblies will get updated with the next rebuild.  I.e. if you have an overall length that should drive individual parts and assemblies you can keep this length in a separate text file and this text file is linked to those components.  Now when you make a change to this parameter file all files that use this parameter will be updated.


First of all I am wondering who is using this functionality and second I am interested in any required enhancements in this area.


Any feedback is highly appreciated.  Thank you in advance for your additional business.


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