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How to have wire labels sorted alphabetically in reports?

Question asked by Phil Johnston on Dec 5, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 10, 2015 by Phil Johnston

I think my report "List of wires by line style" would be much easier to sort through if it was displayed/generated on my drawings in alphabetical order. I work in the aviation industry, so our wire marks look all start with a three letter acronym that describes the system the wire is hooked to.


For example, a power wire going to an amplified GPS splitter could look like: GPS10A22. And a wire hooked to the audio system could be: AUD10A20W and so on.


So it seems that if I could sort my wire marks alphabetically, it would be much easier to sort through the big list and find the wires you're looking for (when reading the schematics out in the field).


The annoying thing is, when I'm in the reports section, I can click on the "Wire Number" header and it will sort the wire marks alphabetically, as I need. But when I generate a report, it mixes them all up. How do I get them to show alphabetically in the actual generated drawings?