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driver data and SWRX data don't match up

Question asked by Mark Fitzpatrick on Dec 5, 2014

So my computer had the operating system re-installed and hasn't been the same when using SW. Our IT dept. has installed updated drivers but the issues graphically continue. I am running a Dell 3610 with W7 64bit, 2012 SW SP 3.0.

When running SW RX I get the attached results. I also checked the link in SWRX to d-load the driver and ran that, yet SWRX shows the same driver # when I run it. I also look at the driver under device manager and see yet a different #. So I'm confused as to what the actual driver I am using is and why isn't SWRX and device manager showing the same results?

Any help. i just want my computer to work the way it did when I got it  3 months ago.